Felix primary method of setting store is the intrinsic _storeat:

proc storeat[T] (p: &>T, v:T) { _storeat (p,v); }

The library procedure take a pointer or write-only point to T and a value V of type T, and calls the system intrinsic _storeat. The parser in turn maps

p <- v;

to the procedure storeat. For simple variables only you can write:

x = v;

which is notionally sugar for

&x <- v;

In addition each of the following infix operators calls a two argument procedure with the same name as the operator:

operator usual meaning for uints
+= increment
-= decrement
/= quotient
*= product
%= remainer
<<= mul 2^N
>>= div 2^N
^= bitwise exclusive or
&= bitwise and
|= bitwise or